Instructions to Applicant

Please read the instruction carefully before completing the application form.

a. Eligibility

You are eligible for the Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy (TTFS) ONLY IF YOU SATISFY ALL THE CONDITIONS BELOW:

1) You are a Singapore Citizen or a Permanent Resident of Singapore with one of your parents (natural, adoptive or step parent), living or deceased, is a Singaporean Citizen;

2) Your race or the first component of the double-barrelled race as stated in your NRIC is MALAY (which includes Boyanese, Javanese, Banjarese, Bugis and Indo extract) e.g. for double-barrelled race - MALAY / INDIAN

3) Your monthly household per capita income (PCI) does not exceed $1,500.

PCI is computed as :-

Total monthly gross income of family

Total number of family members

You will enjoy :

a) 100% subsidy if your monthly household per capita income is $1,000 and below

b) 75% subsidy if your monthly household per capita income is between $1,001 and $1,200

c) 50% subsidy if your monthly household per capita income is between $1,201 and $1,500;

4) You are eligible for MOE Tuition Grant; and

5) You are pursuing first diploma or degree on full-time basis at a local government tertiary institution. Please refer to Section 1 for the list of institutions.

NOTE: All subsidised fee will be based on prevailing Singapore Citizen’s fee rate.

a. Fees

1) Kindly note that TTFS covers only tuition fees. TTFS will not cover other fees.

2) If you are awarded a scholarship, please inform us immediately on your withdrawal for TTFS.

b . Yayasan Mendaki Study Loan Schemes

If you are not eligible for TTFS, you may consider applying for one of the following schemes.

1) Supplementary Assistance Loan – For MALAY students who are receiving partial subsidy (75% or 50%) or did not receive any subsidy (eg family per capita income exceed $1,500)

2) Study Loan Full-Time – For Muslim students who are not eligible for TTFS.

More information and a copy of the loan application form can be downloaded from our website at

c. Other Financial Assistance Schemes

You can also apply for other financial assistance schemes available from your respective institution such as:

- The Post Secondary Education Account

- CDC Bursary

- MOE Bursary

- CPF Education Scheme

- Institution’s Tuition Fee Loan

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